Hello, my name is Rocket (or Shadow). I'm a 23-year old intersex bisexual critter. I've been drawing for over two decades; art has been the love of my life. I'm actually just a baby raccoon, so feel free to leave me finger-foods and yummy snacks on your way out. I like to draw furry art, especially babyfur art. Most of my art focuses around diapers and fanart. I've been a furry for years, but only started interacting directly with the furry community in early-2020.

I have two 'sonas at the moment. My main fursona is a North American raccoon named Shadow Grey. He has both an adult and a baby form, but both have identical designs aside from the size difference. My other fursonas are a 4-year old Boston terrier named Rocket, a 5-to-7-year old fairy unicorn named Lily, a 12-year old wolf named Krypto, and a teenaged rabbit named Tanner/Ravi.